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(excerpts from speaking engagement evaluations)

"If you hadnít come to our school, I still would be making fun of homosexuals."

middle school student, Acushnet

"Trainers were personable, approachable, intelligent and understanding. The training was smooth and well-organized."

non-profit employee, Brockton

"The most helpful thing is that they speak the truth with pride."

adult education student, Jamaica Plain

"Iím not afraid of gays as people now."

middle school student, Acushnet

"They had stories that sound like mine. It made me a little more confident to tell my story."

college student, Boston

"These things are good to hear so you know youíre not the only one to experience this."

college student, Weston

"Now I wonít make fun of gay people. I wonít laugh at them and call them names."

middle school student, Acushnet

"The speakers gave me a wake-up call that everyone is an individual and should not be judged based on stereotypes."

college student, Boston

"I never realized the deep feelings of something being so right for you. It was related beautifully by each speaker."

postal worker, North Reading

"Now I wonít let discriminatory language go on in class."

high school student, Rockport

"One of the students admitted before the presentation that he always wanted to physically hurt someone who was gay. After listening to the speakers he said he better understood the gay/lesbian lifestyle and no longer wanted to be violent to gays. He was very thankful to the speakers."

high school teacher, Brighton

"Our students had a great time and commented, ĎThat was super!í and ĎWhen can we have them back?í"

high school teacher, Hingham

"Now I will be less tolerant when those around me make offensive comments or tell offensive jokes. Usually I donít say anything, and I know that by ignoring it, Iím condoning it."

postal worker, North Reading

"Group exercises were well-planned and appropriate to our concerns. The presenters met all goals and expectations."

college professor, Boston

"I was expecting someone to tell me that I had to be comfortable with the idea of same-sex relationships. The speakers focused more on liking people for who they are."

high school student, Lexington

"It made me think there are a lot more children out there in schools who have gay parents than I realized. I think the attitudes within school systems need to change."

college administrator, Cambridge

"After hearing your speakers, I am planning on becoming more active in volunteering. I am going to begin working as a Big Sister to a child with HIV."

college student, Medford

"What I liked was that the speaker shared her story; probably because I am going through a lot of what she went through."

college student, Cambridge

"Your presentation to our students was wonderful! You were so eloquent and gentle in your presentations and you were so affirming of our students & helped them to feel comfortable asking anything . . . I ended up crying on the way home after your presentation because it went so well and it was so groundbreaking for our school."

teacher, Catholic high school, Milton

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